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Helping you to  Discover New Beauty 



    Helping you to Discover New Beauty



About the box

Discovered Beauty- Allowing you to discover new products and re-discover long lost faves. 

Discovered beauty box is a monthly subscription service that provides an electric range of luxurious beauty, skincare, hair and lifestyle products. A beauty subscription service that is providing a solution that is INCLUSIVE for women of all complexions. Thus, creating an extraordinary experience for all women. We are here to show you that beauty by its very nature is inclusive and making a statement that there are suitable options for all skin tones.

  • Discovered Beauty Box is the one box that all beauty lovers need.
  • Each box is specially curated with a minimum of four hand-picked, carefully selected superior quality products from variety of brands that are suitable for women of colour and every beauty lover

About us

We wanted to create a beauty subscription box that was not only rooted in inclusivity but  is entwined with bringing  new brands to the surface whilst featuring them alongside brands that we all know and love, and continuing to be innovative and creative when doing so. Other than that, we also wanted to combine all elements of beauty and make it accessible".


We would rate Discovered Beauty Box highly, even if we do say so ourselves!

Discovered Beauty 

If you would like to have your product featured in Discovered Beauty Box, please contact: pr@discoveredbeauty.uk 

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